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Expert Web Development


Expert WordPress development

Do you want to build a website with a WordPress theme, that is not sold by Elegant Themes? This takes us more time, because we are probably not used to working with the theme of your choice.

Aside from that, we’ll need to consider your custom layout  requests and analyze if that’s possible with the theme and if it fits within the budget.

Pricing starts at $599 for a 10 page website with high quality content.

Custom CSS or PHP development per hour

If you want custom design, logic or plugins that are not part of your theme already, we can build it. Our team of professional web coders can do this at a rate of $30 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum.

  • PHP is what you need to create WordPress plugins and logic.
  • CSS is used to change the visual style of an HTML page. For example, you can change the color of a button or precisely set the location of an Adsense banner.

Bear in mind that the cost for custom web development is usually underestimated by people with little experience in this field. For example: it took more than 10 hours to create the front page of this website, including the custom shopping cart and PayPal integration. That means we would charge $300 for such a task.

On the other hand: simple relocation of objects like Adsense banners can be done in under 10 minutes.

Contact us with your requirements to receive a free quote.


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For advanced WordPress customization and graphic design, we have contracts with these providers:

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