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Big Orders

Are you looking to REALLY jump-start your online business? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is where you can order blue keyword / totally SEO’d websites in bulk. Just tell us the niches you want your websites to be in or let us pick for them you from our database!



5x Total:
A). 5x Keyword research with 10 blue keywords per niche Blue-keywords-research-mini

5x $49 = $245. With  discount: $219

B). 5x Website construction with 10 posts/keywords per website SEO-optimized-WordPress-Website-mini

5x $179 =  $895 with discount: $795 

A + B). 5 Full websites, including keyword research. seo-keywords-package-web-development

5x 228 = $1090 with discount: $995

*Big orders cost us less in payment fees and support emails, so that is why we can offer them at a discounted rate.


10% discount for other bulk orders

We like our big customers (like Mike Omar 😉 ) so when you make a big order – that’s different from the packages above – we will reward that with a 10% discount.

For an order to be marked as a bulk order, it must:

  • Contain any combination of 10 or more items from A or B.


  • Exceed $1,000.

How to order?

Just make a regular order from the shop and send our support a message, so we can refund the discount to your Pay Pal account. Bulk orders can also be full-filled by transferring the total (discounted) amount to our Pay Pal account directly.


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For advanced WordPress customization and graphic design, we have contracts with these providers:

wayback machine downloader

company logo generator