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Outsource your Keyword Research and Website Construction

Have you watched the LIONS CLUB videos but don’t have the time to do the work? We’ll do any part of the process you want for you, or the whole thing!


  • We deliver work following the exact instructions outlined in the LIONS CLUB.
  • Need blue keywords? Just tell us the niche, how many you want, and we’ll find them for you!
  • Want the website too? We’ll make you a fully SEO’d website with high quality articles, pics, interlinking, and all the other extras that make it fully SEO’d and ready to start making some money!


Read below for further details on each service.

Green Button

We generally don’t accept new customers anymore, since we decided to focus on our own projects.
Please don’t make orders without contacting us first.

A). Keyword Research


This service is perfect for those of you who have a general idea of the niche you’d like to enter, but are unsure which target keywords would give you the best return.

Orders placed for Keyword Research will be completed according to the guidelines laid down in the makemoneyfromhomelionsclub.com school. These “BLUE KEYWORDS” are ripe for the picking, with low SEO competition, adequate search volume, and relative ease to rank in all search engines, including Google.

(if we are unable to find high-traffic blue keywords in your niche, you receive a 100% refund. This is our “no delivery, no payment” guarantee)

B). SEO Optimized WordPress Website


So you’ve already identified some stellar keywords, but now you need a website to monetize them? Look no further.

We build robust WordPress sites for your keywords according to Mike Omar’s advice. All websites also come with plugins installed and activated: this includes social sharing buttons, a sitemap, Contact Form 7, SEO plugins and more.

On the front page we place handwritten high-quality content, so that all new visitors immediately get a good first impression. For the other pages on the website, we will:

  • Create the empty pages with the titles, correct URL-naming and copyright-free pictures.
  • Do the graphic design and development. This includes things like: a theme that’s appropriate for your niche; configuration of the menus; a slider with pictures on the front page, and a custom logo that fits your niche.
  • Take the keywords and create a title + header, based on what other people search for online. This will also give you good ideas on what to write about.
  • Implement the SEO optimizations like creating a sitemap, installing SEO plugins, placing inner links to all the pages, give the images an optimized name with a good “alt tag” etc.
  • Basically: we will create the perfect basis to make money in your niche. See the FAQ to read about everything that is included

Keep in mind that you will still have to write the articles (except for the front page and the privacy policy). After they are all done, we do a final SEO check of the results. If you prefer all content to be written by us, please refer to category C). for premium content.

Choose your website size:

C). Premium Content


Upgrade your website with high-quality, handwritten, native English premium content for $17 per article.

All websites ordered in section B already include one free premium article on the front page. If you want to replace all content with premium articles, you can order it here. Articles are 400-550 words each.

Number of premium articles:

D). Expired Domains

Building a website on an aged domain will give you instant trust from search engines. These domains were formerly registered by real businesses in your niche.

  • We find 2 domains with natural backlinks that have a high Trust Flow and Domain Authority.
  • The domains will be from former businesses that operated in your specific niche.
  • You pick the best sounding domain. We then redirect the other domain for extra backlink power.

Gives you a leapstart of 3+ months, AND it saves money on backlinks! Highly recommended.

E). Monetization Package

The monetization package includes:

  • Google Analytics installation
  • We guide you through the Adsense account creation and approval process.
  • Adsense ads on all pages + the legal Adsense disclaimer.
  • Google Webmasters configuration + sitemap submission.

It does not include Amazon links. If you have an approved Adsense account already, you pay only $50

Miscellaneous charges

Examples: bulk orders,expert web development, WP installation service, etc.

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For advanced WordPress customization and graphic design, we have contracts with these providers:

wayback machine downloader

company logo generator